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Office of Procurement Services
The University of Mississippi


It is the policy of the University that all reasonable and necessary expenses for official travel incurred by University employees are reimbursed according to the laws of the State of Mississippi.


Please email with any questions about employee travel.

UM Employee Travel Record

View your personal travel online with your Web ID

Travel Guidelines

If you are employed by The University of Mississippi or a student of The University of Mississippi, please visit the links below for Travel guidelines. If you are not affiliated with the University, please visit Account Payable’s page for Third Party Travel.


Choosing Transportation
Airline Travel Policy

Airport Parking -This is an optional service benefit for UM employees and is not required for employee travel.

International Travel Policy International Travel Approval Form

Note:- CDW/LDW insurance must be purchased when renting a vehicle for international travel.

Lodging Policy
Meal Reimbursement Policy Meal Reimbursement – Effective 02/14/2024 – 09/30/2024



Effective February 14, 2024, travelers should use the link to calculate daily meal totals. How the meals are divided for domestic travel will not be used. The maximum daily meal allowance is not to be exceeded. Please note: the domestic travel first and last day travel amounts that are listed on the website must not be exceeded and are calculated at 75% of the daily rate. Standard rate applies for all locations without specified rates and should not be exceeded. Approximate destinations should be clearly indicated on Travel Authorization and Travel Reimbursements for the Travel Team to audit trips accurately.

Meal Reimbursement – Effective 10/01/2022 – 02/13/2024

Online Conference Registration Fee
Private Vehicle Policy One way Mileage from Oxford
How to Calculate Mileage – If trip destination is not listed on the One Way Mileage page, use Google Maps to determine the most direct, practical route.Rental VS Personal Car Expense Calculator

  • Effective 1/1/2024 Mileage Rate – $0.67 (Sixty-seven Cents)
  • 1/1/2023 to 12/31/2023 Mileage Rate – $0.655 (Sixty-five and One-Half Cents)
Rental Car Policy Note:- CDW/LDW insurance must be purchased when renting a vehicle for international travel. 

In-State Contract Rental Car Contracts
Out-of-State Contract Rental Car Contracts

State Travel Agency Policy  State Contracted Travel Agencies
Student Group Travel Policy
Travel Advance Policy
Travel Authorization Policy Travel Authorization Form and International Travel Approval Form
Travel Reimbursement Policy Travel Reimbursement Forms
Waiver Request Policy Waiver Request Form