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Office of Procurement Services
The University of Mississippi

Procurement Form Bank

Below are the forms that procurement has tried to make available for your convenience. They are available in the most common formats.


Cardholder Agreement Form Word Document PDF Document
Cardholder Information Form PDF Document
Consultant / Participant Reimbursement Expense Form Editable PDF Document
Dollar General Tax Exemption Certificate PDF Document
Equipment Loan Receipt PDF Document
Equipment Transfer Notice Word Document PDF Document
Form 13 Contractor Payment Form Word Document Editable PDF Document
Non-Availability of Equipment Form Link to Form
Procurement Card Hierarchy Chart Excel Document PDF Document
Procurement Card Sign-out Sheet Excel Document PDF Document
Procurement Card Telephone Order Log Excel Document PDF Document
Property Disposal Report Word Document PDF Document
Relocation Expense Reimbursement Voucher (Policy – effective 2-1-2019)
Request for Payment Excel Document


Excel Document (Additional Lines)


Editable PDF Document

Editable PDF Document (Additional Lines)


Return Request Editable PDF Document
Tax Exempt Letter PDF Document
Vendor Application Editable PDF Document
Vendor Rental Agreement PDF Document
Vehicle Fleet Management Guide PDF Document
Vehicle Insurance ID Card Contact Procurement
Vehicle Justification Form PDF Document
Vehicle MVR Consent Form Editable PDF Document
Vehicle Use Agreement PDF Document