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Office of Procurement Services
The University of Mississippi

Vendor Application

Forms will no longer be accepted via email and must be uploaded to the Vendor Application Upload Portal at the link below.  Please email for assistance.

To submit an electronic bid, please click on the link for more information. If electronic bid submissions are allowed, you may click on the word “Electronic”  beside the bid you are interested in. This action will take you to the submission page that details further instructions on how to submit your response. No responses will be accepted through the secure Vendor Portal.  If you have any questions regarding the bid process, please contact Procurement Services at (662) 915-7448 or

Vendor Application Guide

Updating Vendor Information Guide

Vendor Application Upload Portal

Bid Information and Submission

Doing Business with The University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi would like to set-up you or your company as an approved vendor in our University system to enable us to issue purchase orders and make payments. If you anticipate receiving a payment for goods or services from the University, please fill out the required forms above. The W9 form and the Procurement and Accounts Payable information form (which includes a request for Minority Indicator Information and Bank Information for setting up a direct deposit) can be viewed/downloaded at the links above. It is important that you take the time to complete this information in as much detail as possible for us to have an accurate business record.

If you wish to make us aware of goods and services provided by your company, it will be necessary to fill out and return the Commodity Listing form with marks beside those categories relevant to your business.

Again, please take time to completely fill out the requested forms so that we may better serve you. Because your inquiry is important to us, you may call the Office of Procurement Services at (662)915-7448 and ask for someone to assist you if needed. Our staff is more than willing to help you through the process of becoming a vendor by answering questions or providing technical assistance you may need. Thank you for your interest in Ole Miss.

All purchases are governed by the University of Mississippi (“UM”) Terms and Conditions

Please visit the links below to familiarize yourself with our purchasing requirements:

Vendor Parking Information

If a vendor is in a vehicle with company logo painted on it, they do not need a vendor pass but only need to park in a legally marked space.  It is only when they do not have a company logo on their vehicle that they must get a permit.

All vendors in unmarked vehicles are required to register with the Department of Parking & Transportation (DPT) and display a parking permit. They will not be permitted to park in residential designated parking places or in parking spaces otherwise reserved by special posted signage (except they will be allowed to park in service vehicle only places) but will be allowed to park in faculty/staff areas (except the special reserved parking places), commuter designated areas, and visitor designated areas.  They are expected to adhere to campus traffic and parking regulations.  Any citations received must be paid through DPT.  Any unpaid fees or fines must be paid before they will be issued a parking permit.

For more information or to purchase a visitor parking pass or view parking zones and maps, visit The Department of Parking & Transportation Website.