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Office of Procurement Services
The University of Mississippi

Campus Mail

1097 Jackson Avenue West
University, MS 38677
Phone: 915-7461
Hours of Operation: 8-5 Monday-Friday
Closed for Lunch: 12-1


Please email with any questions you may have about Campus Mail Services.

The University of Mississippi has a centralized Mail Service Department located in the JAC Resource Building and reports to the Assistant Director of Procurement Services. Mail Service is assigned the job of processing all incoming and outgoing departmental mail. Incoming mail includes letters, parcels, and other miscellaneous mail addressed to employees in various departments. This mail is sorted in the mail room and delivered daily. Interdepartmental mail is picked up during the day, sorted and delivered to the respective departments. The outgoing mail is picked up during each delivery and processed in the mailroom. This process includes sorting, metering, and charging departmental accounts for the proper amount of postage. Campus Mail is for official University business only and is not intended to be used for personal mail.

The primary objective of the Mail Service is processing mail as efficiently and quickly as possible and advising University Personnel regarding required mailing procedures. Primary procedures, rates, and examples are discussed in condensed form in a booklet available from Campus Mail Service. More detailed information is available from the Campus Mail Service (915-7461) or the United States Post Office (234-1316). Any suggestions for improvement of this service should be directed to the Assistant Director for Procurement Services (915-7448).

Policies and Procedures

Please have your outgoing U.S. mail bundled with a mail card on top of the stack. Sort outgoing campus mail and stamped mail separately and neatly. Failure to make this separation may result in serious delays of your mail. The Campus Mail Department will only sort this mail after all sorted and properly bundled mail is worked. Your cooperation will help speed up the processing of your mail.

Please be aware that mail with a typewritten or handwritten return address cannot be processed by the Campus Mail Service. A rubber-stamped return address or a first or fourth class label may be used. There are no exceptions to this U.S. Post Office policy.

Please leave the flaps of your mail in the upright position if you do not seal them.

When hand delivering outgoing mail to the Campus Mail Room, please bring a Campus Mail charge card with you.

Campus Mail Service will not pick up UPS (United Parcel Service) or Federal Express packages mistakenly delivered to your department.

By following the above guidelines, Campus Mail Service can process all mail faster. As always, if you have further questions, please call Patti Mooney at 7448.


Patti Mooney: Assistant Director of Procurement Services,

Randy Burt : Mail Clerk,

Eric Johnson: Mail Clerk,

Chris Knox: Mail Clerk,