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Office of Procurement Services
The University of Mississippi

Individual Travel Information Provided on the Web

We would like to provide you with some tips on using the new link provided in Campus Management.

The Travel information provided is for personal use only.  Employees will have access to their travel only.  Beginning and ending dates must be entered to access travel information.  To access all trips processed since inception of the travel module, enter beginning date 2000-09-01 and a future date, that will cover the period of any trips planned, for the ending date.

A listing of trips will appear that can be drilled downed on by double clicking your mouse on the trip number.  The travel produced statement is the same as the one that is emailed to you when a trip has been completed.

The listing provides the trip number, departure date, city, country, brief reason for trip.

Trip Number Text Trip Number PDF Departure
Country Reason Approval
7710032847 txt 7710032847 pdf 10/04/2014 SAN DIEGO US SAP TECHED 04 Trip Approved Transferred to FI 3483.74 2201.89 1281.85


Approval Status –

“Trip Approved” has been completed and the Travel Reimbursement voucher has been filed.

“Request Approved” is a trip that has not been completed and waiting for the Reimbursement voucher to be filed.

Settlement Status – Indicates that the trip has been transferred to Financials for payment or encumbrance.

Trip Amount – is the total dollars paid (trip approved) or still encumbered (request approved)

Advance Amount – If you received an advance it will be reflected in this column.

Net – this amount is the total you were paid (trip approved) after advances are deducted. This amount will be the same as the encumbrance if your trip is in Request Approved status

Click here to sign in your Web ID account and access your Travel Information.