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Office of Procurement Services
The University of Mississippi

Vendor Parking Information

Posted on: October 16th, 2015 by STEVEN RIDOUT

If a vendor is in a vehicle with company logo painted on it, they do not need a vendor pass but only need to park in a legally marked space.  It’s only when they don’t have a company logo on their vehicle that they must get a permit.

All vendors in unmarked vehicles are required to register with DPT and display a parking permit. They will not be permitted to park in residential designated parking places or in parking spaces otherwise reserved by special posted signage (except they will be allowed to park in service vehicle only places) but will be allowed to park in faculty/staff areas (except the special reserved parking places), commuter designated areas, and visitor designated areas.  They are expected to adhere to campus traffic and parking regulations.  Any citations received must be paid through DPT.  Any unpaid fees or fines must be paid before they will be issued a parking permit.

For more information or to purchase a visitor permit visit The Department of Parking & Transportation Website.

To view parking zones and a map please see The University of Mississippi 2016-2017 Parking Zones Brochure.