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The University of Mississippi

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Vendors are responsible for checking the University of Mississippi (UM) Procurement Services website up until the bid/proposal opening time for any addendum(s) that UM may issue. A vendor’s failure to respond to addenda may result in the vendor’s bid/proposal being disqualified.

Documents relative to specific Requests for Bids/Proposals may be viewed and/or downloaded at no charge by clicking on the Bid File or RFP number/title below.  If you experience any issues viewing/downloading the documents, please email

Please make sure all documents include your correct name, company name, and contact information (address, phone number, fax number, etc.). Please remember all responses are due in PROPERLY IDENTIFIED (meaning the Bid File number MUST be stated on the outside of the envelope), SEALED envelopes delivered to the Procurement Services Building by the stated date and time.

Sole Source Notices To Be Opened September 27, 2016
ITSS 043 Augmented Reality Features for Rebel Reward Mobile App, Website and Platform 3:00 PM
ITSS 044 BizMiner License 3:00 PM
ITSS 045 Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Abaqus 3:00 PM


Bids To Be Opened September 29, 2016
RFP 579 Word-Processor-Integrated Online Citation Manager Services/Software 10:00 AM
Bid File 9599 “For Sale” Canoes 10:00 AM


Sole Source Notices To Be Opened October 4, 2016
ITSS 046 Tennis Analytics Service 3:00 PM


Sole Source Notices To Be Opened October 11, 2016
ITSS 047 CPP Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 3:00 PM


Bids To Be Opened October 13, 2016
Bid File 9600 “For Sale” 1995 Ford F-150 Truck 10:00 AM
Bid File 9601 Milestone System Care Maintenance & License Expansion 10:00 AM
Bid File 9597 North End Zone Plaza and Bell Tower 2:00 PM


Bids To Be Opened October 20, 2016
RFP 580 Customer Relations Management System 10:00 AM
RFP 581 Background Screening Services 10:00 AM
Bid File 9598 Harrison Health Center – Student Pharmacy Renovation 2:00 PM


Bids To Be Opened October 27, 2016
Bid File 9595 Tupelo Advanced Education Center Boiler Replacement 2:00 PM