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Vendors are responsible for checking the University of Mississippi (UM) Procurement Services website up until the bid/proposal opening time for any addendum(s) that UM may issue. A vendor’s failure to respond to addenda may result in the vendor’s bid/proposal being disqualified.

Documents relative to specific Requests for Bids/Proposals may be viewed and/or downloaded at no charge by clicking on the Bid File or RFP number/title below.  If you experience any issues viewing/downloading the documents, please email

Please make sure all documents include your correct name, company name, and contact information (address, phone number, fax number, etc.). Please remember all responses are due in SEALED envelopes delivered to the Procurement Services Building by the stated date and time.

Bids To Be Opened September 3, 2015

RFP 545 Multi Carrier Monopole Cell Tower Site on University of Mississippi Campus – CANCELLED See Addendum #1
RFP 546 Library Discovery Services / Addendum 1 / Attachment 1 / Attachment 2 10:00 AM
Bid File 9479 Radioactive Waste Disposal Services / Addendum 1 10:00 AM
Bid File 9480 For Sale – Aquaciser II Underwater Treadmill & Biodex Isokinetic Testing / Exercise Machine 10:00 AM
Bid File 9477 Concrete Forming, Pouring, & Finishing Work 2:00 PM


Sole Source Notices To Be Opened September 8, 2015

ITSS 001 T2 Datamax-O’Neill Apex 31 Printer and Enforcement App Software 3:00 PM
ITSS 002 The CBORD Group, Inc. CS Gold Version 7 Upgrade, Support, Licensing, and Maintenance 3:00 PM


Bids To Be Opened September 10, 2015

Bid File 9483 Sweeper Truck 10:00 AM
Bid File 9484 Landscape Design, Plant Materials, & Installation 10:00 AM


Sole Source Notices To Be Opened September 16, 2015

ITSS 004 ESRI ArcGIS Online Service Credits 3:00 PM
ITSS 005 T2 Autocount Hardware and Software 3:00 PM
ITSS 006 JumpForward Elevation Software 3:00 PM
ITSS 007 BadgePass TotalCard Software Maintenance 3:00 PM


Bids To Be Opened September 17, 2015

Bid File 9482 Long Gas / Shelf Life KrF Excimer Laser / Addendum #1 10:00 AM
Bid File 9485 Refurbished Lab Equipment (Gas Chromatograph, Mass Specific Detector, & Autosampler) Along With Library Bundle and Service 10:00 AM
Bid File 9473 All American Drive Electrical Relocation 2:00 PM


Bids To Be Opened October 1, 2015

Bid File 9481 Track Facility Restoration 2:00 PM