Office of Procurement Services

The University of Mississippi

Bid File

To request a copy of a bid, please email In your request please include the Bid file number along with the name of the vendor and your name and address. Or you can send your written request to:
Procurement Services 
164 Jeanette Phillips Drive
University, MS  38677


Bids To Be Opened January 8, 2015

Bid File 9394 F5 Networks Inc. Application Delivery Controllers 10:00 AM


Bids To Be Opened January 15, 2015

Bid File 9397 EMC Data Domain Equipment 10:00 AM
Bid File 9398 “For Sale” – Golf Cart 10:00 AM


Bids To Be Opened January 29, 2015

Bid File 9396 NCPA Primary Building – New Roof 2:00 PM